Earthways Healing, LLC

Holistic Consultation and Services

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Meet the Owner

Diane Littel


Earthways Healing, LLC was established in 2010.  Diane has a passion to facilitate healing for those struggling with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical trauma and or ailments that are acute or chronic. She envisioned a company that would facilitate healing services that would encompass the 4 essential elements of a person: the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.  Holistically treating the "whole" person to achieve wellness.


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Earthways Healing Specializations

Shamanic Reiki 

Face to Face / Distant sessions 

The Shamanic Reiki is a combination of two disciplines of healing.  During a session, past lives, soul retrievals and animal or spirit guides might present themselves.  The practitioner may use a rattle, crystals, smudging and drumming to bring the mind body and spirit back to balance. 

Sessions are 1/2 hour or 1 hour in length. 

Shamanism Sessions


Face to Face / Distant Sessions

A Shamanism session involves more drumming and the practitioner typically journeys for the person and what messages are brought forward depends on the intention set by the person.  Some things addressed: power retrieval, past lives, soul retrievals and finding animal or spirit guides.  This practice typically addresses generational disruptions and clears them using the journey as a guide and having other tools such as: a rattle, crystals, smudging, cord cutting, and more to bring the body mind and spirit back to wellness.  

Sessions are 90 min - 120 min in length.

Aura and Home Cleansing

Yoga Practice

Chakra Healing

Earthways Healing has designed a class specifically to address chakra imbalances. In this class you will learn about the "Medicines" that will assist in healing the energy centers throughout the body. The Shamanic Reiki and Shamanism helps regulate and realign the Chakras too.

Physical Relief & Emotional Release Aromatherapy 

The physical relief and emotional release are techniques developed by Be Young Total Health CEO, Dana Young.  They incorporate the use of a body movement assessment, which determines which Essential Oils to use on the body to assist in relieving and releasing, and placing EO's on the feet and back with gentle touch. A warm compress is also used and along with some body movement.  

These sessions typically are 90 min to 2 hours in length. 

Earthways Healing has meditation sessions twice a month.

Mindfulness can be very beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety.

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What Clients/Customers Say

“You can see the light and love in this woman.  She is definitely great at what gifts she has been blessed with!”

~ B. Kruchowski-Madison ~


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"