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Diane Littel: Healer, Guide, Speaker and Teacher



Diane Littel, Kenew Naewaeqnen (Golden Eagle Wind), a proud Tribal member of the Menominee Nation in Wisconsin, carries a rich lineage that blends Menominee, German, Irish, and Sicilian roots. Raised on Milwaukee's Southside, she comes from a family deeply rooted in healing traditions, despite the challenges posed by her grandmother's Residential School experience.

Diane's Grandmother, Ke-kewanikiuh (Flag Woman), a Residential School survivor, grew up in traditional teachings in the secluded town of Zoar, WI, within the Menominee reservation. Despite the fear instilled and attempts to destroy these traditional ways, her family secretly practiced cultural traditions, passed down through generations.

Coming from a lineage of medicine people and healers, Diane is one of many in her family and part of the fifth generation of this lineage. It’s actually unclear and undocumented how far back this lineage goes. Her family practices involved working with plant medicines (great grandmother, and great aunties), counseling families (grandmother), healing with their hands, working with spirit and serving as mediums or seers (mostly all). Diane is a namesake of her Great Great Grandma Kenew Naewaeqnen, this was revealed during her initiation into the Midewin (the way of the heart) medicine lodge.

Diane's hardships and intergenerational trauma shaped her healing journey, leading her to explore her familial roots. Having had a profound experience a during a sweat lodge ceremony in 2005 awakened her "blood memory" seeing her grandmothers and aunties, steered her toward Reiki, Essential Oil trainings, and ultimately the Midewin lodge.

In her pursuit of understanding Westernized mental health treatment, Diane earned licensure as a Professional Counselor and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor. Since 2009, she expanded her expertise in therapeutic essential oils, becoming a Reiki Master Teacher and a Shamanic Practitioner.  She is trained in trauma-informed approaches like EMDR and BrainSpotting, Diane utilizes her skills to address unresolved ancestral and generational trauma.

Diane, a sought-after speaker, shares insights on trauma and mental health at community and professional events. She provides guided meditations and healing sessions for retreats, families, and groups. Diane has also served as a clinical supervisor/consultant, assisting and supporting facilities in their efforts to build effective clinical programs working with indigenous people and trauma related issues.

In 2010, Diane founded Earthways Healing, LLC, providing ancestral healing across the United States, Canada and France. She developed a holistic program, Earth Spirit Medicine™, which facilitates a deeper connection with Earth's medicines, offering a unique path to healing for those navigating spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical traumas. Diane's passion lies in bringing holistic healing to those in need, embodying the wisdom of Gaia and Earth Spirit Medicine™.


Education and Certifications
   Mount Mary University, Masters in Science - Community Counseling
   graduated in 2012

   Earth Spirit Medicine™ Teacher Practitioner 
Creator and developer of ESM™, 2021

   Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) / Shamanic Practitioner (SP)

   Reiki Master Teacher since 2009, Shamanic Practitioner since 2018

   Licensed Professional Counselor / Clinical Substance Abuse 
   Counselor (LPC, CSAC)

    Licensed in the State of WI since 2014 with LPC, and 2003 with CSAC

   Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner (CCAP)
   Jane R Buckle certification course - certified since 2009

   Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy 
UW-Milwaukee 2013

   Indigenous Brain Spotting Phase 1 & 2
   Indigena Counseling 2021 - 2022

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Earthways Healing Philosophy


At Earthways Healing, LLC, we are a woman-owned company dedicated to fostering mind, body, and spirit healing. Our mission is to blend Ancient Tibetan, Traditional Native (Ancestral), Earth-based, and Modern Evidence-Based Practices, offering a diverse and eclectic approach to wellness. With a focus on Spiritual and Physical healing, our services aim to break free from Westernized or Colonized perspectives, providing alternative and holistic practices accessible to all.


Our vision at Earthways Healing is to enhance the health and vitality of individuals and communities. By offering alternative and holistic-inspired healing techniques, we aspire to empower our clientele with healthier practices for both spiritual and physical wellness. Through this vision, we seek to create a harmonious and balanced world where diverse healing modalities contribute to the well-being of all.

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