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Elevate your spiritual practice or ceremonial rituals with our exquisitely crafted Turkey Feather Fan. Each fan is meticulously handmade by Indigenous Artisan Diane Littel (owner of EWH) using wild Turkey feathers, carefully selected for their beauty and durability. The feathers are arranged in a traditional fan shape, providing both functionality and elegance.

Crafted with attention to detail, our fans feature a handle made of wood and wrapped in supple deer leather, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The addition of luxurious mink or rabbit fur accents adds a touch of opulence to the design, while brass or aluminum cones further enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Whether used for smudging ceremonies, energy clearing rituals, or as a decorative accent, our Turkey Feather Fan embodies the spirit of reverence and connection to nature. Each fan is unique, reflecting the natural variations in the feathers and materials used.

Embrace the power of tradition and craftsmanship with our Turkey Feather Fan, a timeless addition to any sacred space or ceremonial practice.

Large fans are about 18" - 20" in length and the Smaller ones are about 8" - 10" in length. 


**Shipping and handling costs are extra.

Sm Turkey Fan

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